SIMEX Series 2018 Exercise Resources

The SIMEX Series App, exercise material, how-to guides and support.

The SIMEX Series App, exercise material, how-to guides and support.

SIMEX Series 2018 App Registration: SIMEX Series 2018

1 - Register a new SIMEX Series 2018 account or sign in with an existing account.

1.1 - Create yourself a username, this is your new unique ID used to login to the website.

1.2 - Create a password

1.3 - Confirm the password

1.4 - Enter your First Name

1.5 - Enter your Surname

1.6 - Enter your email address, this need to be accessible on the device you intend to install the SIMEX app on

1.7 - Enter your UK mobile phone number. If you do not have a UK number please leave blank

1.8 - Create a new 4 digit PIN for you to use when installing the SIMEX App. Note: this is not a PIN you have been sent, this is a PIN you create and remember.

2 - Open the Registration email on the device you want to use the SIMEX app on

3 - Click the link in the email to download & install the SIMEX application onto your mobile device.

4 - Once downloaded, click "Activate", this will use a token to activate the device. If this fails to activate or you have manually downloaded the Xenplate DC application, use the "More Options" button, then Scan a QR code within the your registration email.

5 - Enter your PIN that you setup on the registration website above (step: 1.8), click "Submit". Allow the application to download sync its data for a couple of minutes before use.

For SIMEX App or Evaluation support email: