SIMEX SERIES 2018 - Storm Surge

SIMEX Series 2018 will be held on 15th, 16th & 17th May 2018.

A deepening low pressure system is building in the Atlantic with a predicted storm track that will take it towards populated low lying coastal areas. The storm is expected to bring high winds , heavy rain and a storm surge. Expected damage is as follows:

  • Structural Damage
  • Inland Flooding
  • Coastal Flooding

The causative factor is common to both the National and International parts of the exercise, with scenarios being developed through working groups to allow objectives to be met. The injects are delivered through multiple modalities including i) Resilience Direct for the UK National side of the exercise, ii) GDACs and the Virtual On - Site Operations Coordination Centre (VOSOCC) for the International

The scenario fits with a ‘na - tech’ style disaster, where a natural event impacts a technological industry which then impacts a vulnerability such as people and/or the environment. As a result of the storm and damage to key industries large amounts of hazardous products will be released. The expectation is, by using multiple data sources available including GIS & Modelling data both National and International will complete area assessments developing priorities and response plans.